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Time-saving search subscription that provides an extensive market overview

Would you like to stop struggling through the maze of advertisements? Liiva covers 90% of the published ads from all major Swiss portals. With a search subscription, you'll save time and never miss out on your dream home.

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Do you easily want compare the found properties? With the individual favourites comparison, you can get relevant information with just a few clicks.

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Comparison of purchase price and market value

Does the purchase price match the market value of the property? We provide transparency: We estimate the value of the property for free, so you can quickly understand the situation.


Determine building condition and renovation costs

Are you wondering if the purchase price of your dream property is reasonable? Would you like to know the condition of the building? Liiva analyzes all information you need. Based on the data in the advertisement, you will receive an overview of the current condition of the building and hidden costs that could arise during the purchase.

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