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Find the property that is exactly tailored to your needs.

With the Liiva Dossier, you can easily find your way through the advertising maze

Create your own personal dossier with the relevant information from the advertisements. We will be at your side with help and advice throughout the entire viewing- and possible purchase process.

Selling price and market value - a perfect match?

Does the selling price also correspond to the market value of the property? We create transparency. By estimating the value of the property free of charge, you know immediately what is going on.


Determine building condition and refurbishment costs easily done

We analyse the condition of your property for you. And also any modernisation costs that may be incurred. This can be done easily and reliably based on the listing data and your information. We also know what you need to look out for during an inspection. And we will tell you what hidden costs may be incurred during the purchase.

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All information at a glance!

Don't waste any time when buying your dream property. On our platform you can easily compare all your dossiers. This way, you can make sure you have placed your focus correctly.

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