A checklist for cheerier spring cleaning

Yippee, time to spring clean again!- Said no-one ever. Like it or not, when flowers start to bloom and the days get longer, the time to clean up your dear dwelling has come! This year, we’ve made a checklist for a smoother spring clean that will have your home sparkling and shining again in no time.


Happy woman does spring cleaning while listening to music

Basics & prep

  • Allow enough time. Spring cleaning will always take longer than you think. “A quick spick and span” won’t wash here.

  • Ask for help: There’s safety in numbers – and it’s speedier and more fun too. So ask your family or friends to lend a hand ahead of time.

  • Eliminate possible distractions: Best by far is to house your dog, cat, mouse or children elsewhere for a stretch. Hand them over to your mother-in-law for the weekend – she’ll be over the moon!

  • Stock up on cleaning supplies: Get all the cleaning materials and utensils you need in advance (see next point). Extra tip: Check each room in advance and buy the spare parts required, like new light bulbs or tidying aids like boxes or storage boxes, in advance.

Shopping list: What you need to get in advance

  • Cleaning materials: All-purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, descaler (could be vinegar or citric acid), oven spray, stain spray for carpets, possibly pipe cleaner and washing liquid for washing machine.

  • Cleaning aids: Sponges, rags, towels, microfiber cloths, feather duster, broom, possibly a plunger.

  • Cleaning gloves. Caution: To protect your fingernails, avoid wearing “pure” rubber gloves, but instead go for those that are breathable - and possibly even lined.

  • Replacement bag for the vacuum cleaner.

The cornerstone of every room

Do this for each room! Ideally, clean each room from top to bottom, following each of these points in order:

  • Sort and bring order to things: Banish winter things like clothes or sports equipment to the basement. You can also happily hibernate those Christmas decorations.

  • Lamps: Carefully remove dust from them (to avoid getting an unwanted faceful). If necessary, dismantle lampshades for this purpose.

  • Windows & doors: Wipe frames and handles, clean windows with glass cleaner. Clean shutters with water. Wipe off window sills.

  • Cabinets and shelves: Completely clean them and wipe them off. When putting the contents back, re-order or reconfigure the way they’re arranged more effectively as required.

  • Radiators: Wipe them off and vent them as required.

  • Any cobwebs: Remove. Hello goodbye to housemates unwanted!

  • Curtains: Take them down, wash and iron them and hang them up again

  • Carpets: Collect and shake them out. If possible, wash in the washing machine, otherwise treat with a textile cleaner.

  • Power points: Carefully clean with a micro-fibre cloth.

  • Flooring: Vacuum parquet, especially in the less accessible corners. Treat carpets with environmentally friendly cleaners – those in the know turn to powder detergent or baking soda at this point. Simply spread the substance over the carpet, pour water over it and let it soak in for a few hours. Finally, dab it off and revacuum as required.

Additional to-dos for each room

Each room has its own requirements. For example, kitchen and bathrooms need a little more attention in spring cleaning than other rooms.


  • Steam vent:Clean and degrease. Oven spray is your best friend here. Disassemble and wash filter.

  • Dishwasher: Clean and descale.

  • Deep freeze: Clean out, defrost and declutter as required, then clean the inside thoroughly.

  • Refrigerator: Clean out, declutter as required and clean off well. You’ll want to remove the shelves at this point. You can also wash them in the dishwasher, but ensure they are completely dry before you put them back in place.

  • Oven: Clean and derust, for which you apply oven spray and leave it to soak in for a few minutes. Incidentally, most oven doors can be easily disassembled by flipping a small lever by the hinges - no tools required! You can then bring the outers to a high gloss with glass cleaner.

  • Microwave: Wipe out thoroughly, remove the rotary plate as required and clean with water.

  • Tap: Descale. For severe calcification, you may want to soak a tea towel in vinegar and wrap it around the tap like a turban. You can also leave the vinegar turban to work overnight.

  • Washbasin:Descaler and pipe cleaner down the drain. You may have to unclog the drain completely with a plunger. You can save yourself the next trip to the gym for this..

  • Dustbin: Empty and rinse out thoroughly with water from the inside. Allow to dry well before you install the next waste bag.


  • Shower, washbasin and bathtub: Decalcify with bath cleaner or citric acid. Replace shower head if necessary.

  • Drains from sink, shower and bathtub: Thoroughly clean and unclog them. At this point, cotton swabs, plungers and pipe cleaners may come in handy.

  • Taps: Decalcify them as instructed for taps in the kitchen.

  • Shower curtain: Hang it up, wash it or replace it as required.

  • Medicine chest: Sort out and replace any medicines having expired.

  • Washing machine: Clean the laundry drum. This is best done with citric acid: place five tablespoons or so of citric acid in the empty laundry drum and select a washing program with a temperature of 40°C. Once half the washing time has elapsed, press pause, let the citric acid soak for a good hour, then finish washing.

Living room

  • Sofa and upholstery: Deep clean. This means vacuuming (every last groove, nook and cranny) and possibly treating with textile spray. Wash pillowcases and blankets in the washing machine.

  • Wooden furniture, e.g. table and chairs: Dust, polish and sand as required. Insider tip: You can remove unsightly scratches in wooden furniture with a walnut. Yes, that’s right! Rub the walnut kernel over the scratch and apply a little pressure. In the process, small pieces of the walnut come off and fill the scratch again.

  • Plants: Dust pots and large-leaved plants with a damp cloth. If your green friends have grown a lot in the last year, why not take this chance to repot them right away.

  • Doormats: Shake them out and vacuum them thoroughly.

  • Wastebaskets: Empty them and clean the inside and outside with water.

  • Electrical devices: Carefully wipe with a micro-fibre cloth. Dirt particles in small corners can also be removed with moistened cotton swabs or an eyeglass cleaning cloth.

  • Mirror: Clean the frame and clean the mirror pane with glass cleaner.

  • Outdoor seating: Clean the balcony and terrace and get rid of leaves. Dust off garden furniture and revisit it with a glass of wine in hand right after the spring cleaning.


  • Closet: Tidy and clean out old clothes if necessary. Wipe out well from the inside and remove any dust from the cabinet.

  • Mattresses: Thoroughly clean and vacuum. At the same time you can turn the mattress, to avoid excessive wear on one side.

  • Slatted frame: Dust and vacuum.

  • Comforters: Thoroughly shake out and air. If necessary, exchange winter and summer blankets.

  • Kids’ room: Tidy up the toys and wash any cuddly toys in the washing machine.