GEAK and GEAK Plus – everything you need to know at a glance

What is a GEAK? Whether it's about the scope of services, the procedure, costs or subsidies - together with the Trades platform Buildigo, we have answered your top questions about the Swiss Cantonal Energy Performance Certificate for Buildings.


GEAK and GEAK Plus - all information at a glance

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What is a GEAK?

The abbreviation GEAK stands for Gebäudeenergieausweis der Kantone - the Cantonal Energy Performance Certificate for Buildings. The GEAK document is an official energy label that certifies the energy class of the thermal envelope and building technology. The energy classification is calculated in a standardised way throughout Switzerland. In addition to the basic GEAK document, there is also GEAK Plus.

What services does the GEAK Plus include?

With GEAK Plus, you receive a comprehensive advisory report from a GEAK expert. 

Based on the building assessment, practical measures to improve energy efficiency are proposed. Energy-saving improvements such as exterior insulation will improve energy performance.

GEAK Plus includes two or three customised options for energy efficiency upgrades. The upgrade plan divides the proposed improvement into stages and calculates the necessary costs involved. In addition, GEAK experts will clarify funding applications for the suggested improvements.

What is a GEAK expert?

A GEAK expert issues cantonal energy certificates for buildings. They are certified experts whom you can consult for energy advice and building assessments.

What are GEAK energy classes?

Similar to the energy label on household appliances and light bulbs, the GEAK assigns your building an energy class. The classification consists of 7 levels - from A to G. GEAK energy class A is very energy efficient, GEAK class G is not very energy efficient.

Examples of GEAK energy classes:

  • Energy class A: The building has triple-glazed windows. The property also has excellent thermal insulation.

  • Energy class D: An old building that has been extensively insulated. There are still thermal bridges, as the old building has not been structurally altered to any great extent. Energy class G: An old building with old windows. It has been insulated only slightly or not at all.

All typical features of the GEAK classes can be found illustrated on the GEAK website.

What are the advantages of GEAK classification?

GEAK energy classification is standardised throughout Switzerland, making it easier for you to compare different buildings. GEAK classification provides you with a valuable overview very quickly, especially when buying a property, comparing rental offers or planning energy efficient improvements.

What’s more, GEAK and Minergie products are perfectly matched. GEAK classifications form the basis for the simplified Minergie system renewal certification.

How do you obtain a GEAK?

The following six steps will help you obtain a GEAK with a final improvement strategy for your building:

  1. Find a GEAK expert
    You'll find a list of all the experts in your area on theGEAK website.

  2. Get a quote
    The costs for a GEAK and a GEAK Plus vary depending on the building, region and expert chosen. We recommend getting several quotations with a detailed description of the services provided.

  3. Clarify funding options
    Financial support is available from most cantons and local authorities for obtaining a GEAK or GEAK Plus. Apply for funding before you start any building work. Your GEAK expert, the energy office in your canton or the energy officers in your local authority can provide you with all the information you need. 

  4. Determine the current condition of the building
    Show your GEAK expert around your building. They will then draw up an appropriate GEAK or GEAK Plus document. This house inspection allows you to avoid any inefficient choices when upgrading your house and to focus on the weak points in your building.

  5. Get your GEAK or GEAK Plus
    Your GEAK expert will generate your building energy certificate in the GEAK-Online tool. Your GEAK is recorded in a central database and stored there for a maximum of 10 years. Your GEAK or GEAK Plus document is sent to you in both paper and digital form.

  6. Decide on the next steps
    Discuss the current condition and the energy efficiency improvement options with your GEAK expert.

What are the main benefits of energy efficiency improvements?

By improving the thermal envelope and building technology, you can significantly reduce your energy consumption and carbon footprint. As a homeowner, a lower energy consumption will save you money in the long term. In addition, energy efficient improvements help to maintain the value of your property.

How much do the GEAK and GEAK Plus cost?

For a detached family home, a GEAK usually costs between 750 and 900 Swiss francs. For a similar GEAK Plus, the costs usually amount to between 2,000 and 2,500 Swiss francs.

How long is a GEAK valid?

The period of validity depends on the product. However a GEAK will cease to be valid if any significant changes are made to the building.

The period of validity covers:

  • GEAK: 10 years

  • GEAK Plus: 10 years

  • New Build GEAK: 10 years

  • New Build Provisional GEAK: 3 years

How do you transfer your GEAK?

If the property changes hands, the GEAK is automatically transferred to the new owner.

If you need to revise or update your GEAK, you can send the document to the new GEAK expert using the transfer form.

It's over to you

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