Investments that pay off

Private home ownership is a central part of many people's lives. Nevertheless, it often seems complicated to make the right decisions about home ownership. Which investments are also financially worthwhile? Learn here how to maintain or even increase the value of your home.


Family photovoltaik

Buying a property is not the end of the story. If you want to benefit financially, you have to carefully plan the management and maintenance of the property. When does the flat or house need renovation and when are minor repairs due? A renovation can maintain or even increase the value of your property.

Investments that increase value

Value-increasing investments are not absolutely necessary for the maintenance of the property. However, innovations, such as a photovoltaic system, regularly reduce incidental costs and thus pay for themselves again. In addition, the costs of solar installations are even subsidised in most Swiss cantons. The construction of a pool or conservatory as well as a general enlargement of the property also count as value-enhancing investments.

Investments that maintain value

Value-preserving investments are to be understood as improvements. Among other things, these include energy-saving renovations such as a new heating system - but administrative costs or replacement purchases also fall into this category.

Saving taxes on renovations

Depending on the canton, energy-saving investments for privately owned properties can be fully or at least partially deducted from taxable income as maintenance. (Source: Zurich tax booklet. Costs that save energy or serve to protect the environment are deductible:

  • Insulation of facades, floors, walls and roofs

  • The installation of new windows

  • The replacement of outdated heating systems

The deductions are not limited to the year of the renovation, but can now be spread over three tax periods. So if you plan ideally, you can optimise several of your taxes considerably with the help of tax deductions. Important: The energy-saving costs are only deductible if they were not supported with subsidies.

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