Five questions for Phil: A quick interview with our CEO about what Liiva can do for you.

Why do we need Liiva, what problems are homeowners facing and what does Liiva have to do with getting a good night's sleep? Find out in the first instalment of our series of interviews with our CEO Phil Lojacono.


Five questions for Phil: Our CEO in a short interview on the benefits of Liiva

Do we really need Liiva?

Absolutely. Owning a home is a really big deal. It's often not only the biggest debt you'll ever owe, but it also makes up the bulk of your assets, given that your assets are “tied up” in your home. There are always decisions to be made and there's so much uncertainty. Liiva helps you make the right decisions!

How did Liiva come about?

Liiva was born out of a need felt by many customers of our parent companies, Raiffeisen and Mobiliar. Working closely with our customers, we realised that managing your own property in particular generates strong feelings and poses a lot of questions. That's where we want to start. Liiva users should be able to sleep soundly no matter what kind of challenges they're facing with their own property.

Which feature of Liiva do you like the most?

I'm a big fan of the Modernisation Planner, ideally used in conjunction with the energy rating. It's really exciting to see what steps you can take not only to maintain (or even increase) the value of your property, but also how you can be more energy efficient.

What's Liiva working on at the moment?

So far, we've concentrated on buying and managing real estate. Now we want to expand our focus and also cover sales with some exciting features. Liiva users will be offered a customised sales process so they can approach this stage of their lives with confidence.

Where will Liiva be in five years?

Five years from now, Liiva will be THE platform for all aspects of home ownership. Just like renting: There is a single administration point where you can go with all your questions and concerns. For homeowners, that will be Liiva.

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