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Are you looking for the property of your dreams? Then you probably know that finding the perfect home can often be time-consuming and take more time than you think. It is important that you keep your needs in mind and know which points are prerequisites.



If you compromise too quickly when looking for a new home of your own, you may be confronted with realities such as too little space, too long a way to school or similar after moving in. These realisations can be avoided if you evaluate which compromises you can make and which qualities your home should definitely have before you start looking for a property. Five topics to clarify at an early stage:

  • the location

  • the quarter

  • the surroundings

  • the property

  • the building

Once you have defined your requirements, you can prioritise different subject areas. This gives you a suitable basis for your home search and you can already make a suitable selection when reading the real estate advertisements.

3 important questions in the search for your dream property

Which location suits you?

  • Desired environment: Would you like to live in the countryside, in the agglomeration or in the city and how important is the neighbourhood to you?

  • Distances: How do you want to travel to work (public transport, car, bicycle, on foot)? What infrastructure or services should the place of residence offer?

  • Safety: In which residential area and surroundings do you feel safe?

What do you expect from the infrastructure and the style of living?

  • Living style: What type of housing are you looking for (detached house, terraced house, condominium, etc.)? Do you need a lift, a garage and how important are a balcony and terrace to you? How much turnaround do you want?

How should the interior of the building be designed?

  • General space conditions: How many people do you want the living space to be enough for? Do you need extra rooms for regular visitors or a hobby that requires space? Do you need space for pets?

  • Bathroom and kitchen: What are your requirements for the sanitary facilities and the kitchen?

Do questions arise during the property search? Liiva the digital home ownership platform from Mobiliar equips you with the necessary know-how. We are there for you to provide you with advice and support. Always transparent, always fair and always in the best interests of the homeowner - so you make the right decisions.

Maybe the house has one room too few, the garage is too small for the second car, the street noise is more disturbing than you wanted to admit at the viewing, and the evening sun disappears too early behind the neighbor's roof, contrary to the romantic wishful thinking. And isn't the "school route" perhaps a little too long and dangerous for the little ones? In order to avoid such insights after the purchase, it is essential to deal with these eventualities during the search. For a clarification of needs, what the property itself and your spatial embedding should bring with it, the details are ultimately important. Five subject areas need to be examined closely:

  • the location

  • the neighborhood 

  • the surroundings

  • the plot of land 

  • the building

To make this possible without much effort, it is advisable to compile your requirements profile in just a few clicks using the "needs analysis" checklist. Once you have carried out the needs analysis, you can then prioritize the various components and properties: What is particularly important to you and where would you possibly be prepared to make concessions? With this requirements profile, you can now read the real estate advertisements properly and efficiently check how many of your requirements are met and whether it is actually worth visiting this property. For example, if you have noted that the nearest bus stop should be within a maximum of 10 minutes walking distance, you can sort out all offers with more distant public transport connections from the outset.

Very specific needs or are compromises possible?

It is not necessary to be able to answer all questions conclusively at this stage. It is sufficient if you become aware of the requirements for your future home and take these into account appropriately during the search. With this approach, you also recognize very quickly whether and in which areas you are willing to compromise or not. A consequence can also be the self-recognition that you would like to fall back on the professional help of a real estate consultant for the real estate search, should the ideas of the dream house be very concrete and the willingness to compromise rather low.

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