This is how you find the home that suits you

Finding the perfect home is a complex task. It is crucial that you consider what requirements your new home should meet to suit your needs on the long run. With our checklist, you can quickly identify the most important points, and nothing will stand in the way of your domestic bliss.



Rushing into compromises when searching for a new home might lead to confronting a less pleasant reality after moving in. Perhaps the garage is too small for the second car, the street noise is more disturbing than you were willing to admit during the viewing, and the evening sun disappears behind the neighbor's roof earlier than your romantic hopes envisioned. These insights can be avoided if you evaluate what compromises you're willing to make and what qualities your home must have before starting your property search. It's crucial to consider the details for a needs assessment regarding what the property itself and its spatial context should offer. Five key areas should be examined:

  • The location

  • The neighborhood

  • The surroundings

  • The property

  • The building

To make this process effortless, it's advisable to compile a requirement profile using the "Needs Analysis" checklist. Once you've conducted the needs analysis, you can then prioritize the various components and features: What is particularly important to you, and where might you be willing to make concessions? With the requirement profile you've created, you can now accurately read property listings and efficiently evaluate how many of your criteria are met and whether it's truly worth visiting this property.

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