Webinar: «The basics of planning a property renovation»

Have you missed the webinar «The basics of planning a property renovation»? No problem, you can find the recording and the documents here.

Well over half of all Swiss properties are over 40 years old - so it's no surprise that the need for renovation is great.

Are you also the owner:of a property in need of renovation, but are unsure how to approach a conversion or a complete building renovation? In our free, three-part webinar series «Successful conversion project - an architect clarifies!», we explain together with our expert Stefan Müller how you can successfully plan and implement your project. As owner & managing director of the architects' office Raumtakt GmbH, Stefan Müller brings with him many years of experience in a wide variety of renovation projects and is happy to share his know-how with you! Let's get started in the first webinar with the «Basics of a renovation planning.»


  • Clarity in the confusion of terms: What do «refurbish», «renovate», «maintain» and co. mean?

  • Strategic core renovation or staggered individual renovations: Which approach makes sense for me?

  • The question of specialist planners: Which partner do I need for which project

  • Understanding and planning renovation costs: For which items do I need to plan costs?

  • The preliminary project: Unnecessary additional costs or sensible investment?

  • The construction process: Which construction phases and timeline do I need to plan for my conversion?

    Language: German

The following experts will answer your questions:

Christine Hakenjos
Christine Hakenjos

Head of User Growth, Liiva AG