What condition is your property in?

Keep track of your property’s current condition with Liiva’s free Modernisation Planner. See at a glance which maintenance or renovation work is due for each part of the building. Our digital tool also provides a sound basis for your planning and a transparent energy balance.


What condition is your property in?

As a homeowner, you face countless questions:

  • What measures do I need to take to maintain my property’s value?

  • What issues must I address to boost its value?

  • What is absolutely necessary – and what can wait for now?

Our Modernisation Planner provides expert answers and helpful services to help you optimise your property, allowing you to easily and efficiently plan all your renovations. We also advise on your property’s energy performance and suggest specific renovation measures so that you can enhance your property’s energy consumption and reduce the associated costs. The tool offers investment advice with a timeline to help you increase your property’s value.

How to maintain your property

Property assessment and specific modernisation suggestions

The current state of your property is quickly assessed: create a property profile with the construction year, net living space, property type, location. From cellar to roof, exterior façade to interior walls, windows to doors, kitchen to bathroom, water pipes and electrics to heating type – you can easily add all available information to our building template. Depending on the construction and installation dates and original quality, the Modernisation Planner determines a status for each of these building elements (“Modernise soon”, “Moderate condition” or “Functional”). In addition to this informative inventory with the current property market value, an assessment with a modernisation suggestion can also be provided at the click of a button.
This suggestion contains specific recommendations on what exactly should be replaced or modernised when, accompanied by an estimate of the costs.

Example of modernisation measures for a detached house

In an older detached house, the Modernisation Assistant suggests replacing the windows, installing a new kitchen and renewing the water pipes in the current year. The cost is estimated at CHF 65,000, give or take 20%. The heating system should be replaced in five years’ time, at a cost of around CHF 50,000. The exterior façade and roof have already been renovated. Replacement of the flooring and interior doors is also recommended (CHF 30,000). The Modernisation Assistant helps you to prioritise the modernisation measures with the note “Only critical in case of a change of ownership”.

Transparent energy balance

In Switzerland, buildings are responsible for around 45% of energy consumption and around 30% of CO₂ emissions. The need for renovation is therefore clearly huge! The Modernisation Planner supports the energy transition and contributes to achievement of a decarbonised economy. By providing transparent information, it raises awareness for buildings’ energy balance and efficiency:

  • Assessment of the property’s energy consumption

  • List of energy technology potential

  • Calculation of the annual energy consumption

  • Determination of the yearly CO₂ emissions

  • Evaluation of measures to reduce energy consumption

The Modernisation Assistant calculates how renovating or replacing the heating system will affect the energy balance and efficiency of your property, for instance, and provides a valuable cost-benefit comparison. In future, information will also be provided on regulatory requirements and funding for energy-related renovations.

Benefits of the Modernisation Assistant at a glance

Liiva’s free Modernisation Planner impresses with a versatile range of services. Its many advantages speak for themselves:

  • Determine the building’s current condition with a property assessment and specific modernisation suggestions

  • Plan your renovation work quickly and easily

  • Review the investment proposal with a timeline

  • Obtain estimates of the costs from the comfort of your home

  • Keep sight of your property’s energy balance and efficiency

  • Increase the value of your property

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