Manage your home

Liiva is the smart tool for all matters concerning your home. We support you in the management of your property or an upcoming modernisation.

Keep the overview of your home with the Liiva Cockpit

Keep your property in good shape and increase its value. With the right tools, we support you every step of the way.

Modernise or renovate your property smartly

Give your property a makeover! The Liiva Modernisation Planner offers you a free renovation plan. On top of that, you'll get an investment recommendation from our side. We show you how your property performs in terms of energy and how you can reduce your energy costs.

Screenshot Modernisierung

All the documents you need in one place

Don't have the right documents with you? Cumbersome gathering of documents for the tax return? With Liiva, that's a thing of the past. All documents about your home are compactly collected in one place. Always and everywhere accessible.

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Find out the value of your home. For free.

You want to know from a reliable source what your residential property is worth? We provide you with this information free of charge and reliably. Without ulterior motives, without annoying calls or emails.