IAZI Online Valuation

Estimate the value of your home, check the financing for a conversion project or sell your residential property. As a Liiva Premium Member, you can quickly and reliably find out the current value of your property with the comprehensive IAZI online valuation.


Online valuation for your property

The online valuation is the ideal tool to quickly arrive at a reliable value for residential properties. The hedonic valuation method used is standard in mortgage lending throughout Switzerland.


L'offre pour les Liiva Premium Members

Until the 31st of December of 2023, Liiva Premium members benefit from an attractive Liiva discount of 100% on the fully comprehensive online assessment.

FAQ about the IAZI Online Valuation

What is the hedonic valuation method?

The hedonic valuation is a comparative value method that was introduced to the Swiss real estate market by IAZI over 20 years ago. It involves statistically determining the price that comparable properties in comparable locations have achieved over the past few months. IAZI takes into account around 20 property-specific and around 50 location-specific parameters. The influence of the individual properties on the price is not determined by one person, but by the mass of buyers and sellers, i.e. the market.

Who uses the hedonic valuation method?

Various Swiss banks, insurance companies, and pension funds use the IAZI model in determining market value. The hedonic valuation method is therefore the standard for mortgage lending throughout Switzerland. Many brokers or project developers also use it to obtain a fast, market-oriented and cost-effective valuation of single-family homes, condominiums and apartment buildings.


IAZI evaluates data from over 25,000 actual residential property transactions each year for the models. The information comes from the financing institutions (in anonymized form). The market value indicated is based on the declaration of the property characteristics by the user and represents the most probable price that the property could achieve on the market on the basis of comparable values at the time of valuation. In addition to the price indication, the model provides a traffic light value, which indicates whether the object can be valued well from a statistical point of view, has slightly atypical properties or appears unusual compared to the IAZI data pool. The color indication thus gives an indication of the estimation accuracy.

How does this assessment differ from the quick assessment I already see in Liiva?

The quick valuation for your property entered in Liiva is based on 4 property-specific and additional location-specific parameters. The paid version, i.e. the comprehensive valuation here, includes about 20 property-specific and thus many more parameters, which allow for a more accurate market value estimate. The more parameters are included, the more accurate the estimate becomes.