Large-format building plans and extensive property folders are a thing of the past: with the Liiva Scan Service, you can digitise your home in no time at all.


It’s as simple as this:

  1. You enter the scan order

  2. You send us your documents

  3. We scan the submitted documents

  4. You receive your documents back physically

  5. The scanned documents are available in your Liiva account


Frequently asked questions

How exactly does the scan service work?

Liiva supports you with the digitisation of your documents. We compile your folder in a PDF and upload the file to your Liiva account. The PDF includes a practical search function and can be downloaded, edited or sent from your Liiva account at any time.

To what extent is document scanning included in the Premium Membership?

As a Premium Member, you can have one folder digitised annually.

My documents are confidential. How does Liiva deal with this?

We work with a reputable scanning service provider so that the confidentiality of your documents is guaranteed at all times.