Loyalty bonus for new Mobiliar insurance customers

Sleep more soundly knowing that you and your home are well covered in all phases of life. A check pays off twice with Liiva Premium Membership. In addition to security, our members also receive a loyalty bonus. Welcome to the Club!


Insurances around your home

Do you have sufficient cover with the insurances relevant for homeowners? Legal protection? Personal liability? Household contents? Buildings insurance? We can help you find out.


Frequent asked questions

What advantages do I receive?

If you take out one of the following Mobiliar insurance policies, you will receive a Liiva loyalty bonus:

  • Legal protection: CHF 50

  • Private liability: CHF 50

  • Household contents: CHF 100

  • Buildings: CHF 150

You can redeem this loyalty premium on the subscription price paid after taking out Liiva Premium Membership. The annual membership fee is CHF 299.

How do I go about getting the loyalty bonus?
  1. Become a Premium Member

  2. Take out insurance

  3. Benefit from a refund on the annual membership fee in the amount of the loyalty premium

How is the loyalty bonus refunded?

Example: If you take out a legal protection and a household insurance through Mobiliar, you collect CHF 50 + CHF 100 = CHF 150 in loyalty premium. Mobiliar will inform us of the successful conclusion of a new policy and we will reimburse you CHF 150 so you only pay CHF 149 for the Liiva Premium membership.

Important: his only applies to new policies, i.e. to customers who have not previously taken out the chosen product with Mobiliar. The refund can be made during the entire term of the Liiva annual membership.