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Store and retrieve all documents related to your home in a central and digital location? It's easy with the Liiva document storage system.

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Enjoying your home is good, but being organised is even better - especially if you don't want to spend your time searching for building plans, offers and contracts.

How and where do I file my documents so that I can easily find them again?
Which documents are important - especially if I want to sell my home?
How do I manage to digitise even large or unwieldy documents?

All documents at a glance

Building plan, guarantee contract, mortgage contract, debt certificate, insurance policy and much more: organise your documents in the document filing system and access them at any time - for example when you want to sell your residential property.

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Fast and individual - the premium scanning service from Liiva

Five steps, all documents digitised: Use Liiva's premium scanning service for large-format plans (or even the entire property folder).


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