Sell your home for the best price

We find local brokers for you that will sell your home at the best possible price. Our unique revenue model guarantees the best possible outcome for you, so don't leave money on the table.

Support from specialists who know and love their craft

Thinking about selling your property but unsure where to begin? Managing the complex journey on your own can be just as daunting as navigating a seemingly endless pool of agents.

Liiva and our partner Bestag can help. We propose the three agents best suited for your property and support you with data on their past performance to make the right decision.

This is what you get

Data-backed choices
Data-backed choices

Wading through brokers can feel daunting. We give you data on how agents have performed in the past, to correct the asymmetry of information and help you pick the right one.

Personalised offers
Personalised offers

Every property has a market and demand. Find an agent who is the right fit for your unique home and will find the right buyer for you.


For the biggest transaction of your life, get industry professionals with years of experience on your side. Throughout the process you'll also have unbiased support from Bestag.

Aligned interests
Aligned interests

When you sell through Liiva, you'll never worry about agents cutting corners. Our incentive structure rewards them for out-performing the market. They're only happy when you are.

Get a market valuation - for free!

Want a free, instant property valuation? Liiva brings together technology and industry data to predict what your property is worth. Get a sense of what could be in store for you, and make data-informed decisions.


The process is simple


"Highly recommended when selling a property. Sophisticated, clever system to achieve the highest possible price. Thank you!"

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - Nataliya B.


Feeling unsure?

The Liiva team is happy to assist with all your questions. You can reach us at any time by phone on 044 541 47 47 or via email. We look forward to hearing from you.

How are the three most qualified brokers identified?

Our partner has a unique algorithm which looks at 300,000 listings and 15 criteria. It identifies the best performing brokers based on price trends, sale duration, local specialisation and their current portfolio.

Does this service cost anything for me & do I pay more over Liiva than going directly to the broker?

Fees for the service are charged on the broker side, so you don't pay anything outside of the broker commission. There is no financial commitment as a seller until you sign a contract requesting the valuation report and enlist the service of three brokers for your property valuation. With this incentive system you are more likely to secure the best possible price for your property.

What are the risks of choosing a broker by myself?

Selling your home is most likely the biggest transaction of your life and you are probably not an expert of the process with all its intricacies. Information asymmetry makes it hard to know whether the valuation you've received makes sense and if the broker is committed to getting the best sales price for you.

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