General Terms and Conditions

Here you will find the general terms and conditions of Liiva.

Does Liiva share data with third parties?

A very clear no! Your data is safe with us. We do not share any data with other companies or third parties without your consent. By the way, this also applies to Mobiliar and Raiffeisen. Your data is not automatically shared with our partner companies, but is with Liiva.

How safe is my data?

We are aware that your personal data and property details are extremely sensitive information. Data security is therefore part of our Liiva DNA and we measure ourselves against the highest security standards in terms of data protection. This also includes that we host the data exclusively in Switzerland.

Where does Liiva obtain the data and additional information visible on the platform?

We work with partners who provide us with reliable and publicly accessible data. We prepare this data clearly for you so that you can make efficient decisions.