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Welcome to Liiva, the platform full of clever tools, expert tips and personal advice for all your property questions and ideas.

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Owning a property brings joy - and toil

A home comes with questions, tasks and challenges.


What maintenance work needs to be done and how do I plan it?


Where should I consider modernising?


How do I keep track of my expenses?

Tadaa! Liiva is here - simple, clever, personal

We're here to help with all your property questions and ideas. (And make life easier for you in general.)

Smart online services

Lowering energy costs, finding the right craftsman for the job, or adding solar panels to your roof? Our online services provide quick and easy solutions.


Direct access to experts

Renovation planning, certified craftsmen, quality control and much more: our premium offer puts you directly in touch with our craftsmen - and get the answers you need to move forward.


All good services come in threes


Yes, No, Maybe?

This is what our customers say - and why you may well love Liiva too.


Georg Bohn


Liiva is the all-round helper for our home

Liiva gives me a simple and clear overview of our home. With it, I no longer lose sight of my finances and especially our house documents. And when I need it, I quickly find reliable experts. This saves me a lot of time, money and above all nerves! As the icing on the cake, I would like to see a mobile app - let's see what Liiva comes up with. I am curious!


Isabell Zanger


Easy handling without unnecessary bells and whistles

Liiva is straightforward and provides a good overview! I get a simple and quick overview of my property, have an overview of my costs, and receive renovation suggestions for maintenance/improvement of the value!


Sacha Stanic


The platform is very intuitive. You can easily use it for small questions too.

I got the market value of my house by entering my data into Liiva - it was a breeze. I am not about to sell my property, but I want to keep a handle on how its value is developing. That's cool!