Webinar: Mortgage in old age - This is how you make provisions at an early stage and remain secure in the long term

Have you missed the webinar «Mortgage in old age»? No problem, you can find the recording and the documents here.

Did you know that the average income of a single household drops by about 30% in retirement? For couple households it is even 40%. In addition to many other fundamental changes with the onset of retirement, things can get so financially tight.

Especially as a homeowner with a current mortgage, it is important to think about financial sustainability in old age in good time. Often, retirement savings are invested in the home during the working years - which in turn can exacerbate the financial risk later on. For many people, the question therefore arises to what extent home ownership is suitable as a private pension and whether it is still affordable in old age. Find out what concrete measures you can take to ensure a carefree retirement in your own home in our free webinar: «Mortgage in old age» with Marco Comugnaro, pension expert and financial planner at Mobiliar.


  • Mortgage in old age - a relevant topic for every age group!

  • The affordability calculation - How do the requirements of my financing partner change with increasing age?

  • Long-term planning - What should I do and when should I do it in order to be able to keep my home in old age?

  • The Five-Point Plan - The smart preparation for retirement

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