The new Liiva Financial Assistant

Starting July 2024, we are revolutionizing the way you manage finances. Our digital financial assistant provides you with a user-friendly platform, allowing you to effortlessly monitor your budget and achieve your financial goals. Preregister now for free and be one of the first to discover the secret to stress-free financial planning!

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Immediate clarity on your budget

A solid budget overview forms the foundation for achieving your life goals. The new Liiva Financial Assistant consolidates your income and expenses, providing you with a comprehensive financial overview in one place. This allows you to identify areas where you can optimize your finances to realize your dreams.

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Make smart financial decisions

Simulate how your investment projects and significant life events would impact your budget in the long term. For instance, you can financially plan for scenarios such as taking out a mortgage or the birth of a child, ensuring that your accustomed lifestyle is maintained throughout.

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Smart tips for your personal financial situation

A good financial plan requires expertise. The Liiva Financial Assistant provides you with tailored recommendations to prevent unpleasant surprises and financial tight spots.

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Safe and Trustworthy

Your financial security and your data are very important to us. To protect your confidential information to the fullest extent, we take all necessary measures.

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Secure Data storage in Switzerland

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