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Doing painting work, installing solar systems and more: Liiva helps you find the right quality-checked tradesman.

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Finding a craftsman is not difficult, but finding the right one is

If you don't look carefully when choosing a craftsman, you risk paying a high price in the end.

How do I find a qualified paver in my area?
Which painter completes the upcoming painting work on time?
With all the online offers, how do I find a top plumber?

Craftsmen from Liiva are a real help

Whether it's remodelling a bathroom, insulating a roof, repainting a flat - or all of the above: with Liiva's network, you'll always find the right craftsman for your project. 

Your project, our mission

You tell us what work you have to do - we will find the right craftsman for you in your area. 

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Our selection, your decision

We know all the craftsmen in our network and know what they can do. That's why we recommend them to you. But the decision is entirely yours. 

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We guarantee your satisfaction

Because we know our craftsmen so well, we guarantee that everything will run smoothly - and that you will be satisfied with the execution of your order in every case.

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Understanding more about the craft

Dive deeper into the topic and benefit from the knowledge and experience of our experts. 

Become a handicraft professional yourself 

Simply join our webinars from anywhere, ask questions and get the answers you need.  

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