Inspect a home: No problem with this checklist!

The ad speaks to you immediately: it describes exactly the house that you have been looking for again and again for months. Now the "dream home" seems real and within reach. The contact to the broker's office is quickly made, an inspection date in the next few days is already agreed upon. But even if the idea is so wonderful: be critical from the beginning and do not let yourself be blinded by the first impression. A viewing protocol is the most valuable tool here.



During the house inspection, you have to absorb and process a lot of information in a short time. To ensure that important questions are not lost in the heat of the moment, a guide is a valuable tool for proceeding in a structured manner on site. Basically, the following six areas are inspected: 

  • Site and immediate surroundings

  • Property

  • Garden

  • Building 

  • Interior

  • Additional costs

In order to be able to recapitulate neatly after the viewing, it is important to have notes at hand that can be compared. Ideally, you record every single point during and immediately after the viewing on an inspection. During the inspection, you may be so impressed with the finish of the balcony that you forget to check whether there is day or evening sun. Or you may be pleased with the suitable room layout that you consider it secondary whether the rooms can be well ventilated and heated. By using the home inspection protocol as a checklist, you can proceed in a structured manner on site and have a tool at hand to ensure that no relevant question is forgotten. For example, if you are inspecting several properties at the same time, you can compare your written impressions afterwards.

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