Energy consumption in the green zone with Liiva

A few clicks, everything at a glance: with Liiva you can find out immediately how much energy you consume, how much CO2 is produced in the process - and where you can save energy.

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I would save energy, but ...

The topic of energy is more important than ever. But what works best for your home - and what just does the opposite? How do you get certainty?

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How much energy does my residential property consume?
How much money do I spend on energy every month?
How much CO2 does my energy consumption cause?

Using energy more effectively with Liiva

The Liiva energy overview shows you all the key figures about your energy consumption at a glance.

A few clicks, all clear

Thanks to your information, Liiva automatically calculates the energy costs, CO2 emissions and energy class of your residential property.

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Saving energy effectively - this is how it works

Benefit from the knowledge of our experts and deepen your understanding of the topic.

Become an energy expert yourself

Simply tune in from anywhere, ask questions, and receive valuable answers.

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