Plan maintenance easily with Liiva

Find out when which maintenance work is due and benefit from regular reminders.

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Home ownership gives to do - but what exactly?

Missing maintenance work or not even knowing that it is due? This can lead to damage and additional costs that are avoidable.

What maintenance work is actually due?
How regularly should I do the maintenance work?
Are there any maintenance tasks that I keep forgetting?

Rely on the Liiva task planner

The task planner helps you from plan to execution - simple and straightforward.

A few clicks, a clear plan

Based on the information you provide about your residential property, the maintenance planner will make a well-founded suggestion as to where and when maintenance work is due.

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Simply receive reminders

Don't forget any more maintenance work: The maintenance planner reminds you in good time of all the work that needs to be done.


Knowing what matters

The task planner helps you with precise descriptions of upcoming maintenance work and makes your life easier.

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